Pre-Order Policy


Some of our items are listed as pre-order products. Due to limited quantity and the nature of these items, we only keep a limited stock. These items are specially ordered from our vendors. Payment is collected up front for ALL per-order items, to ensure we do not overstock our inventory based on interest alone. Once payment is received, your place in line for the your pre-order item(s) is guaranteed. Once you place the order, your item will ship to you the next day, along with any other items you may have ordered. If for any reason, a change in the status of a pre-order should occur, you will be notified immediately. We will gladly issue a full refund if you should choose to cancel.

PLEASE NOTE: If you ordered an item in the same transaction as a pre-order item, we will not ship your package until your pre-order item arrives. We do try to make the order and delivery process as quick and smooth as possible, but it is important to remember this when placing your order. If you see and item that you need right away, we recommend that you place that order in a separate transaction that does not contain a pre-order item. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Thank you for your business!